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Vision Engineering

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Reliable Tracking Now Available for Cut Floors.

Vision Engineering, Inc.’s Cut Floor Tracking Systems are designed to complement existing kill floor tracking systems by enabling tracking of products all the way into the package. With this system in place customers can typically determine the lot number(s) that are in a specific package simply by using the time stamp that is on the package in question. The system also allows the customer to log demerits and determine the source lot of the defective product. Customers can also determine how many of a specific lot have entered the cut floor when a defective or questionable lot has been identified.

VEI Cut Floor Tracking System Overview
Typical Pork Cut Floor Shown

Lot ID Using Timestamps – Standard configuration allows for a virtually unlimited number of user defined stations to which product can be tracked. The tracking software automatically determines the lot numbers of product at each of these stations at any given time. This is done by knowing conveyor speeds, travel times, and by monitoring the status of the main conveyors.

Demerit Tracking – Through the use of input stations located throughout the cut floor, the system can also track demerits and assign them to a specific lot. When an operator signals a demerit, the system automatically determines the lot(s) to which that product belongs. This is also done by using known travel times from the cut table to the demerit stations.


Standard configuration allows for up to 48 defect inputs and a virtually unlimited Built-in Reporting and Archiving number of user defined stations to which product can be tracked.

VEI Cut Floor Tracking System Features
Tracks product by lot number all the way into the package.
Tracks demerits and bad product throughout the cut.
Reports quantity of a specific lot that has entered the cut.

VEI Kill Floor Data Collection
Reliable and easy-to-use touch screen interfaces.
Standard applications available for common tattoo and demerit entry stations.
Custom applications for customer specific data.