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Vision Engineering

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Rugged Touch-Screen Operator Interfaces for Kill Floor Data Collection

Vision Engineering, Inc. offers a complete solution for virtually all Kill Floor Data Collection applications. We currently have systems in place that have been running for over 10 years. These systems collect valuable data for the customer every day and have proven extremely reliable, even in the harsh conditions found on a kill floor.

Standard Kill Floor Tracking Stations
VEI offers several standard data collection applications for common
stations that are found in most plants. These stations include:

- Barn/Lot Assignment - Lot or Live Weight
- Live Demerit Entry - Trolley Tare Weight
- Trolley Reject Station - ID Assignment/Lot Entry
- Demerit Entry - Re-Trim/Held Rail Station
- Grading Probe - Trimmed Weight
- Real-Time Selection - Cooler Entrance
- Cooler Exit - Cut Floor

Essential Utilities Included
All data collection packages include several utilities to provide real-time feedback, enhance system performance, and ensure long-term operation of the system.

Easy Integration into Existing Procurement Systems
All of VEI’s tracking systems are easily integrated into existing procurement and settlement systems. By connecting each station to a single data server, there is only one connection to existing systems. This connection can be any type of interface commonly used today, including TCP/IP, RS-232 and more. Data from every station can be passed to the existing systems either in real-time, or completely assembled into a single file at the end of the day’s kill.

Typical system shown with six data collection stations. Data from each station is routed through a single data server ensuring easy integration with existing systems.

Carcass Demerit Entry   Lot Number Entry