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Vision Engineering

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Reliable, Proven, and Cost Effective Solution to Thickness Profiling

Vision Engineering's Gypsum Board Profiling Systems provide nondestructive, continuous, real-time thickness and taper profiling at an affordable price.

VEI's profiling systems not only excel at profiling and measuring gypsum boards, but also offer customization and connectivity features not found elsewhere in the industry.

VEI Gypsum Board Profilers – Features and Benefits

Uses Standard Hardware – Virtually all of the hardware and software components are standard, off-the-shelf components. The system runs Windows XP eliminating the need for personnel to learn how to navigate a new operating system or software.

Unmatched Connectivity – VEI systems include extensive data-sharing and archiving capabilities. All data can be exported, most in real-time, via industry standard methods such as TCP/IP, UDP, ODBC Data Access to SQL tables, and many more.

Extensive Customization Options – System includes many options for visual and procedural customization. When that is not enough, VEI offers screen and data handling customization unsurpassed in the industry.

The main runtime screen offers a view of either board profile or thickness and offers a detailed view of each taper profile. Each graph shows real-world units and can be customized to show fractions and highlight specific measurement points.

Additional Benefits   Options and Accessories
- Intuitive Graphical User Interface   - Edge Profiling Module - Provides edge profile, angel, and board width.
- Built-In Multi-Level Security   - Remote Operator Interface - A duplicate operator interface which can be located at or near the mixer.
- Can be Remotely Maintained    

VEI Gypsum Profilers
Real time thickness and taper profiling of gypsum baord.
Uses standard, off-the shelf hardware for maintainability.
Can be easily customized to suit customer's needs.